20 Life Lessons Learned During Covid-19

Covid life has been tough. Here are 20 life lessons that I’ve learnt since the start of the pandemic:

1. Appreciate every little thing (eg, toilet paper 🧻)

2. Traveling is a privilege. ✈️

3. The value of a warm hug or a handshake. 🫂

4. Self-care is a priority. 💕

5. Enjoy the present moment as the future can be uncertain. 🎁

6. Everyone we meet is fighting a battle we know nothing about. Be kind. Always! 🥰

7. Laugh and cry. It’s ok to cry. That’s how we came into this world. 🥲

8. Eating out is a joy. ☕️

9. Having time-out is good for the mind and body. 💃

10. Stay positive. 🎉

11. Slow down and breathe. 🧘‍♂️

12. Be creative. Being shut indoors for months has reignited some old hobbies that I haven’t had time to practice such as learning Japanese and painting. 🎨

13. Never stop learning. Having the extra time means more time for learning a new skill. 📚

14. Be flexible with work. Most of my speech pathology lessons are now delivered online. 👨‍💻

15. Stay close to nature. It’s healing and good for our well-being. 🌿

16. Support yourself first, so that you can support others. ❤️

17. Make plans but stay flexible when circumstances change. 🗓

18. Adapt to the new “normal” – regular hand washing and checking in at venues 🧼

19. Love your friends and family. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

20. Finally, masks can come in different colours and styles – pick your favorite and roll with it 😷

Much love and here’s for a better future.


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