The 50-dollar bill

“Gratitude turns what we have into enough.” – Melody Beattie.

Packing my car with books, some clothes, and a few CDs, I left Brisbane – a very special place in my heart where I spent 8 years of high school & university. 
On an evening of April 2004, my mate Evan & I made an overnight trip from Brisbane to Sydney. I got a job there and decided to relocate. Evan offered to help me out. We took turns to drive the old Misubishi that was given to me by my parents for my 21st. We stopped twice for Maccas. I fell asleep as a passenger a couple of times. The music was blaring to keep us awake!

11 hours later, we arrived at the break of dawn. 
I opened my eyes, took a deep breath, and sat up straight at the sight of the iconic bridge. Wow! My new home. It was hard to describe the feeling – a mixture of hope, uncertainty and excitement!

We got to our backpacker’s in Glebe – my home for a week before finding a place to live. 
The next day, Evan went back to Brisbane. Before boarding the plane, he grabbed my hand and handed over a 50-dollar bill. I said: “What’re you doing?”
Evan simply replied: “You’re here on your own, this could come in handy.”
“It’s all good. I’m starting work next week and will get paid. You keep it.” – I looked away, feeling a bit emotional. 
“Don’t worry. Take me out to dinner next time.” – Evan insisted, pushed the money back into my hand, then walked towards the boarding gate….
Evan and I are still great friends, and I did buy him dinner when I visited Brisbane last time. Up to this day, I’m still very thankful for that 50-dollar bill. 
Never forget the people who are there for you during challenging times and be grateful for them. A small act of kindness can go a long way and make a difference in someone’s life. 
Big hugs,