Thank you for your interest in Speech Pathology for Children and Accent Reduction for ESL speakers. 

I am a Certified Practising Speech & Language Pathologist and an ESL teacher. Over 17 years of working with individuals of different ages, I’ve been able to help improve various aspects of communication such as speech, language, reading, spelling, writing, accent, stuttering, and voice.

My major focus is on paediatric speech pathology and accent reduction.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach. Your speech and language skills are analysed in detail using standardised assessments and a training program is designed specifically for your needs.

Contact Speakable or call 02 8021 6356 for an assessment and lessons.

During Covid, we provide online (interstate & international) and in-person lessons at our clinic in Bondi Junction, Sydney.


Speakable is a supporter of the World Food Programme https://www.wfp.org/ and will turn each therapy session into a meal contribution to a child in hunger.

Communication Pro MasterclasS

Learn the art of communication so that you can connect with people of all ages.

After being a Speech Pathologist for 17 years and a Toastmaster/Life Coach for 7 years, I have learnt and accumulated a toolbox of skills that work. This 90-minute master class is packed with helpful information and proven strategies that you can apply in your everyday living.

You’ll learn about the following 7 practical key techniques:

  1. How to work with your breath for effective speaking
  2. How to use the ‘pause’ for your advantage
  3. Ways to connect with people including techniques such as mirroring and matching
  4. Understanding your own communication style and how to make the most of it
  5. How to be a good listener
  6. Speaking “on the spot” – produce an effective impromptu answer to a question. Life is full of surprises, learn how to conduct yourself and construct a speech on the spot.
  7. How to look professional and fantastic for online presentations – our world is changing, learn how to look and do your best online.

Cost: $350 AUD

To make a booking, call Speakable on +61 2 8021 6356 or email admin@speakable.com.au

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