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International Students at the University of Canberra
Binh Doan
My mission:
To help individuals overcome their personal and communication challenges in order to achieve their life goals and live a happy and fulfilled life.
Areas of coaching: Wellness & Communication
My story:
I was born in Saigon, Vietnam in the 80’s. My parents, who came from a poor background, worked hard all their lives to provide a good education to my 3 older siblings and myself. At 15, I decided to travel to Brisbane (Australia) to complete my High School education. With some English to help me get by, I attended Year 11 but had difficulty fitting into the school system. I continued to struggle during my first year with understanding English and expressing myself. I spoke English with a strong accent, and the sounding of my name was sometimes made fun of by the local kids.
It took me almost a year to settle and my English continued to improve. I taught myself to “tune” my ears into learning how to speak like an Aussie. I felt much better starting Year 12 and began to catch up with my peers. There were hard times but I did not want to give up. I wanted to graduate from High School, attend university and then get a good job. That would make my parents happy.


In 1998, I graduated from High School and was accepted into the University of Queensland. I completed my Bachelor of Biomedical Science in 2001. I then continued with my studies and obtained a Masters in Speech Pathology (2003). Throughout university, I had various part-time jobs, working as a uni guide (at UQ) and a waiter at a local restaurant. These jobs not only helped me pay the bills but also improved my social skills.

In April 2004, I was offered a job in Sydney. That was my first job as a Speech Pathologist. Ever since, I have been working in a private practice, helping children, teenagers and adults with speech, language and literacy difficulties. In 2011, I completed my training and obtained the CELTA at Navistas English in Sydney. I am now qualified as an ESL (English as Second Language) teacher.

All my life, I had always wanted to be a good person and to work hard in order to make my parents proud. In 2007, I earned my Australian citizenship. I then decided to sponsor my parents to come live and spend their retirement in Sydney. It took my siblings and I almost 2 years to complete all the paper work. In 2010, my parents migrated to Australia to reunite with the family. A few months after their arrival, tragedy struck. My Dad had a sudden heart attack, followed by a stroke, and passed away at 65. My Mum, while mourning for Dad, had to deal with her newly diagnosis of lung cancer (stage 4). Mum received various types of treatment such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy and alternative medicine. She was brave until the end. In January 2012, my Mum passed away at 69.

Losing both parents within a short period of time was the most painful experience that I have ever had. I was in a state of confusion and was not sure what to do with my life. I sought help from a grief counsellor, who offered some great advice. However, the pain was too vast.

For almost 6 months, bad thoughts came to me on a regular basis. I was not happy with life and work. However, I tried to think, “What would my parents want me to do?”. I could not give up, considering all the hard work that they had put into providing me with a good education and a good life. I started to read books on dealing with grief and realised that I could use my time and energy on helping others who are in need. My parents were true givers and my role models.

Ever since, I have been involved in a number of charity events. I do feel great about being able to contribute to others’ happiness. In April 2013, I stumbled across Anthony Robbins’ “Awaken the Giant Within”. This is an inspirational and powerful book that has opened my eyes to possibilities, life and shown me how much control I have over my own life. I am now on the mend and have taken a full interest in helping others who are struggling to reach their full potential.


Through integrating all the skills that I have learnt in the past 12 years, my goal is to help children and adults achieve their life goals to the best of their abilities e.g, communication skills, study / interview skills, how to get a dream job, how to develop healthy and powerful personal relationships. In August 2013, I decided to obtain my Life Coaching Qualification at the Australian Institute of Coaching. I am committed and passionate about helping others who want to take charge and make a difference in their own lives.

Life isn’t easy, but it’s beautiful! Let me help you reach your goals.

Love and peace to you.


Binh obtained his Bachelor of Biomedical Science and Masters of Speech Pathology at the University of Queensland. He is qualified as an ESL Teacher (CELTA at Navitas English). Binh has been working as a Speech & Language Pathologists in private practice with focus on providing a comprehensive approach to the education and remediation of language-based learning for preschoolers through to high school students and adults.

Binh was rewarded with a Life Coaching qualification in 2013 at The Australian Institute of Coaching. He is passionate about helping individuals take control and achieve their life goals to the best of their abilities e.g, developing healthy and powerful personal relationships, getting a dream job, communicating effectively.

In September 2014, Binh created Speakable – a Speech & Language Pathology Practice – in Bondi Junction, Australia, to help children and adults with their communication, literacy and confidence skills. The practice also focusses on helping immigrants with their English accent and pronunciation. 

In August 2015, Binh completed his training as a Yoga Teacher at Dancing Warrior Yoga

Binh now combines all of the above skills to help his clients at a holistic level.

Contact Speakable or call 02 8021 6356 and see how Binh can help you.

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