• Do you experience stress caused by the modern lifestyle?
  • Would you like to feel calm and collected in difficult situations?
  • Do you want to improve your balance and coordination?

Yoga can help with the above and more.

I discovered yoga in 2003 as a regular practice to help calm the mind and strengthen the physical body.  After a decade of gaining many positive benefits from yoga such as overcoming anxiety following the loss of my parents, I decided to become a yoga instructor. In August 2015, I completed my yoga teacher training at Dancing Warrior Yoga Yoga Alliance Australia’s RYS under the guidance of Matthew Bergan.

Today, I dedicate myself to the practice and teaching of Hatha Vinyasa that combines the kinetic qualities of movement with the muscular/skeletal foundations of yoga, meditation, yoga philosophy and cyclic breath.

As a holder of a Bachelor of Science, Master of Speech Pathology and Diploma of Life Coaching, I integrate my knowledge of bodywork with language and coaching within my yoga classes. Classes are dynamic and energetic. I believe that it’s important to connect to nature and yoga classes are often operated in an outdoor environment.

Online lessons are provided via Zoom. Lessons are taught in English and/or Vietnamese. 


Try your first 30-minute lesson for FREE. To book, call or message  0430 065 751 

Lessons are online during Covid19.

Regular one-on-one classes:


5 lessons pass: $380 (save $20)

10 lessons pass: $760 (save $40)

Corporate & Group lessons are available at $70 for a 45 min class or $90 for a 60 min class.

What you’ll need: a mat, water, and a yoga block.

I look forward to seeing you at our next yoga class.





Yoga india

Tordi, India.


Sydney, Australia

Email or call 0430 056 751 for more information on group and individual lessons.


“Practicing yoga at oneness yoga is fantastic! It’s the only form of exercise I can do at my own pace since struggling with ongoing back pain. Yoga has helped strengthen my body and helped calmed the mind! Not to mention looking forward to seeing my fellow yogis on a weekly basis in a welcoming warm and accepting environment! Binh is a fantastic teacher ! He has done amazing things within the community and is always surprising us with his many talents! Yoga is definitely one of his many talents! He is a gifted and talented yogi and always has good form! Highly recommend oneness yoga to all!” – Toni Ngo

“Thank you for making me feel so welcome at Oneness Yoga! Binh is an amazingly dedicated teacher and has greatly helped my yoga practice. The Intimate class sizes allow for more attention to technique and I love how Binh brings something new to every class!” – Raymond Phung

“Oneness Yoga was a friendly and welcoming experience. As a beginner to yoga, Binh was able to cater the class to my abilities and provide attention to my technique. I feel very comfortable practicing yoga with Binh and the other yogi’s.” – Joel Fredericks

yoga hand 

Bangkok, Thailand


Bondi Beach, Sydney



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