The art of being still.

Life can happen so quickly. Monday to Sunday, then again and again. Work. Extra activities. Commitments. Life. And in general, there are things to “do” as we rush around like mad. I have experienced all of the above – and still am – until earlier this year…..

Chiang Mai, Thailand – the moment you land and check out of the airport – things seem to slow down a lot compared to many places that I’ve been to. People pace themselves around here – walking slowly, smiling, enjoying the night life at markets, sitting around and “being”. It’s a super spiritual place where you can walk around all day and visit various temples/historical sites. After being here for a week, I’ve learnt to:

1. Take time to enjoy the little things in life – such as watching how these geese stand in the sun and clean themselves @ a cafe in Chiang Mai.

2. Pause, take moments throughout the day to check in with myself and see how I’m feeling.

3. Answer that email, or a text when ready – there’s no need to reply so quickly! Unless it’s an emergency.

4. Take time to savour a cuppa tea or coffee.

5. Pay full attention to the person I’m talking to. Switch my phone to silence mode. Ask questions to clarify my understanding.

6. Leave more space in between activities so I can be prepared mentally and physically – more time to rest in between.

7. Say no to what I don’t enjoy doing.

8. Say yes to doing more of what I love.

9. Observe a situation rather than reacting.

10. Learn to do things in a different way, instead of doing something over and over again the same way.

Go slow, take time, breathe.