Incredible India

When people tell you not to go to India, that’s their story. Not yours!

“You’re going to get sick! You’ll get Delhi belly. You’ll get bitten by dogs. It’s too dirty for you!” and the list goes on.

Regardless of the above opinions, I decided to see for myself.

Got a few injections at my GP’s, paid for the visa, found a connecting flight to Delhi from Sydney, and off to India I went in mid-December 2015. For some reason, India had always been on my mind. Maybe it’s the colourful pictures, the food, or yoga. Who knows?! I just knew in my guts that I had to be there.

Arriving safely in Delhi after a long fight with China Southern, it felt surreal. The smell, the heat, the sight and sounds, and of course, the dirt. Getting from the airport to the hotel was exhausting due to the city’s heavy traffic. Luckily it was the beginning of winter in the north of India, so it was much cooler than normal.

India Delhi

View from the rooftop of my hotel in the middle of Delhi.

After checking in, I took a nap and went downstairs to meet with my tour leader, Tony, and group members. As this was my first time in India, I decided to join Gecko’s 10 days touring around Rajasthan. There were 15 of us including Tony – who was an awesome tour leader. The group members were from Australia, England, Ireland and New Zealand.

India Train

The next day we woke up very early and took a 2-hour train from Dehli to Agra to check out the Taj Mahal.

India Taj

Hello, Taj. With the lovely Jane & Victoria.

India Chai India Thali

On a cold winter day, a warm cup of chai tea can taste so good, made with milk, ginger and cinnamon. On the right is my first vegetarian meal in Dehli! So delicious!

India Alfie

With my awesome roomie, Alfie, from London.

Yoga india

For the next few days, we spent time chilling out in Tordi – a small village in Rajasthan – without any Wifi or Internet connection. It was a great opportunity to share yoga with the group.



India dessert India Tordi sunset

Hitting the dirt road and watching the beautiful sunset in Tordi. A cold Kingfisher beer completed the picture.

India wind palace

Over the next few days, we visited Jaipur, the pink city. Above is the Hawa Mahal – a palace built with a high screen wall, so the women of the royal household could observe street festivals while unseen from the outside.

India gods

Learning about the Hindu gods.



In India, the cows rule the streets.

India village

Good morning, Tordi.

India pushkar lake

The sacred lake in the middle of Pushkar. Being blessed here was an experience that I’d never forget.

India Pushkar

India Jodhpur

On the way back to Dehli, we visited Jodhpur – the blue city. What a sight!

India Jama Masjid

After spending Christmas Eve in Nimaj, we were back to Dehli and hanging out in Old Dehli. In life it’s not where you go, it’s who you travel with.

India is chaotic, enchanting and true. I’d go back there in a heartbeat!

Go and experience this amazing country and see for yourself. Your experience is yours to keep.

Once you’ve stepped your foot on this spiritual land, come back and tell me how you go!



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