7 Ways to Empower Your Conversation Skills

Communication is crucial in our daily lives: when we want to understand others, to express ourselves and to learn or explain pieces of knowledge. Sometimes, we can “get stuck” and have problem communicating effectively. The following tips aim to equip you for productive conversations. Give them a try.

  1. Listen This is the first tip because it’s the most important one. Whenever we are speaking, we sometimes hear but may not listen what the other person has to say. Therefore, listen attentively, allow the conversation to take turns on who speaks and who listens, so you will learn much more about the other person and the topic instead of drawing the attention only to yourself.
  2. Open-ended questions When having a conversation, present broad questions and statements such as ‘What is that like?’ or ‘Tell me more’. When you demonstrate this interest for the other person to express themselves, you ensure that person’s perspective is important to you.
  3. Stay present. We all have our multiple daily concerns and chores to think about. However, we must not let them occupy our minds when in a conversation. It can be very frustrating when we are trying to have a conversation and the other person is checking social media, watching TV or simply lost in other thoughts. Provide the same attention you’d like to have from the other person.
  4. Flow. Sometimes we have a great thing to say, but someone else is already talking about another topic. Show that person that the discussed topic is still interesting. Wait for the proper moment to say what you wanted without interrupting other people’s moments to express themselves. Don’t let yourself become impatient while you don’t have the opportunity to say what you want.
  5. Be honest when you don’t know something. It’s important to show how much you know about a topic in order to allow the other person to remain comfortable speaking about it. If you admit you need more information, the other person will be able to adjust vocabulary. They could explain further and this would keep you informed and everyone will feel in line with the topic.
  6. Say something new. Every new conversation is a new opportunity to say something new. Try to not tell the same stories, comments, jokes to the same people, or else you’ll become predictable in your contribution to the conversation, which will make your company less interesting.
  7. Keep it brief. We sometimes have much to say. However, it’s important to keep it brief in sentences, explanations and opinions. By doing that, you can be easily listened to, and you can provide the necessary time for the other person to speak.

Keep these 7 tips in your pocket and use them as they can help you to be more effective in daily conversations.

“Communication works for those who work at it.” John Powell

Stay awesome, stay communicative!