Pause + Be – 3 Ways to Achieve More Peace

Most of us lead a busy life full of activities.

Have you (including myself) ever looked back on your day and realized that you checked your phone too many times out of habit or boredom?

When we forget to pause we:


  • feel rushed
  • experience stress
  • overlook wonderful moments in life
  • become distracted

It’s time to pause & be.


Let is drip….Pause & Be with a Vietnamese coffee…

1. Pause when we wake up

Before checking your email and messages as soon as you open your eyes, pause, take a deep breath, stretch and be grateful for a new day. Look after yourself first. Take time to wake up, have a shower, enjoy a cup of coffee or your favorite drink. Have some breakfast before heading to work or school. You’ll be more productive throughout the day if you feel good.

2. Pause in conversation

Listen and pause before responding in conversations. If you’re talking to someone and your mind is being distracted by other things, you might talk over them without processing what was said. Hearing words is different from processing them in order to understand the message. Be present for your communicative partner.

3. Pause during a meal

Do you check your phone during a meal? I do and I’m guilty of it. Doing something else whilst eating takes away the joy of this crucial activity. I make a conscious decision to put my phone away so I can focus on savoring each and every bite. When sharing a meal with friends and family, not being distracted by my phone helps me to focus and have a proper conversation with them.

Create more space for yourself. Experience peace.

Pause & Be,