How To Look After An Elephant.

Don’t ride elephants. Love and treat them with respect instead. In my most recent visit to Chiang Mai, Thailand, I had the privilege to share food, have a mud bath and bathe in the waterfalls with the most friendly Thai elephants. 

Step 1. Get to know elephant. Share some bananas and sugar cane as these are their favourite food. Elephants can eat up to 360 kgs of food and drink 50 gallons of water per day.

Step 2. Follow elephant to the mud bath. Rub mud all over elephant as they love this A LOT!

Step 3. Follow elephant to the nearest waterfall for a swim to wash the mud off. If elephant happens to lay down on his/her side, you need to stand behind their back and help splash water. 

Step 4. Smile a lot and enjoy the company. 

Happy elephants, happy earth. 

Location: Elephant Jungle Sanctuary, Chiang Mai, Thailand.


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